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  • Next Meeting: May 17, Sandy & Everett Pang’s place in Waimea
  • Time: 12:00
  • We are meeting at the County Bldg.. on Kilauea Ave. across from downtown “Longs Drugs” at 10am to car pool...It leaves for Waimea at 10:30 am. If you prefer to drive yourselves, directions are in the newsletter. Brown bag lunch
  • Agenda: Pot luck lunch. You will need to bring your own chairs and drinks. Bring a jacket/rain gear especially if the weather is trade winds
  • Upcoming:
    • June 21, 2015... Meeting to be at Mitch Mitchell’s place in Volcano... Celebrating his 98th birthday....and touring his garden. Pot luck lunch.
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From the Hawaii ARS Chapter

From the May 2015 Viva Vireya Newsletter

Mahalo to Rene Siracusa for running the last meeting. Due to Julie's recent back surgery, we arrived late and left early. Also many thanks to Bettye Wakabayashi for her silent auction items. Julie was excited to get the books since she will have plenty of reading time on her hands for a long while. Our speaker, Dr. P.J. Hart, was outstanding. It was nice to know I am not crazy and have been seeing Amakihi [Hawaiian native bird] on my property in Hawaiian Paradise Park. To learn more about his work go to his website Hart Lab (http://www2.hawaii.edu/~pjhart/Welcome.html) Congratulations to Renee Kama (Board member), Lee Steiconi (Treasurer), and Richard Rhodes (Secretary). All were elected to office at the last meeting. Lastly, to retired Richard Marques for his service on the Board. The Board has expressed a desire to have members give a 10-15 minute talk about vireya basics. At the minimum, a short trouble shooting session at each meeting would be helpful for old and new members alike. There are many ways to grow vireyas here and everyone has their own preferences. It would be nice to hear from all of you about what works and what doesn't. I am running out of speaker ideas!! I need to know who you want to hear or what you want to hear about! Viva Vireya, Bill

From the April 2015 Viva Vireya Newsletter

Dr. JB Friday was our speaker and he had bad news. There is a "new" fungal infection that is killing our Ohia lehua trees. It started in Lower Puna in 2010 or so. Over flights of the area have identified over 6,000 acres affected and recently Rapid Ohia Death (ROD) was found in Hilo. His big worry now is people harvesting diseased trees and using them for firewood, mulch or ??. Just moving the trees to a new locaction could spread the disease even faster... There was a mini-board meeting in the middle of all this and I turned over the Treasurer's paperwork to our new Treasurer. Tim Walsh, our Regional Director, asked if the Hawaii Chapter would be willing to put on the Western Regional & Board Meeting in October of 2016. Please think about whether or not we have another one in us. It would take the same amount of work as I saw at the raffle but instead of two hours it would be that crazy for two weeks. Much of the prep work would be spread out but the last two weeks is always crazy. Everyone in the club would really need to step up and help out. There will a discussion at the April meeting. In the Journal you just received is the sign up forms for the Rhododendron Convention this May. Our regional would follow the same format; garden tours with a box lunch and a formal dinner with a speaker afterward. Bill Miller, President

FYI—12th annual Betty Crocker Landscape Awards, sponsored by Scenic Hawaii:

The awards honor backyard group and individual projects that make significant contributions to preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the state. There are various categories: private individual's backyard, professional landscaping projects, and xeriscape gardens. To nominate a garden or landscape, write a short letter describing the project and submit at least 5 photos that showcase the best features of the garden. Nominations can be submitted by email to bettycrockerawards@gmail.com or by mail to Betty Crocker Awards, c/o PBR Hawaii & Associates, 1001 Bishop St., Suite 650, Honolulu, HI 96817. Deadline is Sept. 5th. Submitted by Rene Siracusa

International Vireya Seminar - February 22, 2014

By any method of reckoning the 5th Vireya Seminar was a resounding success. Speakers from Australia, Scotland and America spoke about a wide range of topics. A resounding MAHALO to: George Argent - vireya conservation, Dennis Bottemiller - construction of the Fran Rutherford Conservatory, Christy Hartsell - growing vireyas in marginal climates (in pots no less!), Steve Hootman - hunting vireyas in Papua New Guinea, Andrew Rouse - hunting vireyas in Australia. I would say the participants learned a lot about the world of vireyas!

As the time for action drew near, the members came through with money, printer ink, name tags, post cards, calendars, time (too many hours to count), updating the website, stuffing bags, purchasing various supplies and utensils, making coffee and lilikoi juice, opening their gardens for tours, mailing flyers, driving garden tour vans, publicizing the event, preparing and cooking amazing food, bringing decorative flowers, setting up and taking down chairs, cleaning up, manning registration tables, and some things that were forgotten in the mad dash to the finish. The seminar finished with an outstanding potluck dinner and hula show! MAHALO to all the members who participated with either time, money, expertise, food, or other items.

Mahalo to Sherla Bertelmann, the Seminar Chairwoman, Registrar, Volunteer Coordinator, etc, who orchestrated the event from beginning to end. Attendees came from as far away as Pennsylvania, USA; Toronto, Canada; Melbourne, Australia and as close as our own backyard.

Mahalo to everyone who participated, the Hawaii Chapter members hope you had an amazing experience.

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